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What We Deliver

GuideStar helps leaders learn and apply the principles of Character-based Capitalism to build a culture where employees are engaged and collaborate for increased innovation and productivity. Our programs:

  • Improve individual leadership practices
  • Strengthen teamwork among the members of your leadership team
  • Build the action plan for establishing and reinforcing your company’s culture

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What We Are

GuideStar, Inc. is a practice in organizational, rather than individual, leadership development. Our Character-based Capitalism Programs help executives shape attitudes and behaviors for aligning employees on their company’s organizational purpose to achieve Performance Excellence.

We are passionate about Character-based Capitalism as a high- performance culture for businesses and the best economic system for our country.

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GuideStar’s Purpose

Our Values of integrity, respect, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, excellence, and responsibility in all we do define the attitudes, behaviors, and practices through which we deliver value to all clients.

Our Vision is Character-based Capitalism will renew Capitalism for innovation and business growth while restoring the American Dream for a higher standard of living.

Our Mission is to help leaders build great companies that drive profitability and sustainability through Character-based Capitalism.

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