Entangled Organization

Entangled Organizations

The book It’s My Company Too! describes what it means to be an entangled organization and how leaders can share the same successes of the eight studied entangled organizations.

Entangled employees focus on gaining the best possible result in the moment; they live and breathe the company purpose, and devote more of their discretionary thinking and mental energies to solving vexing problems and overcoming organizational challenges.

Entangled organizations achieve positive results and outcomes such as:

  • Higher employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Greater retention of knowledge about the business, customers, and operating environment
  • Higher performance and higher levels of individual and team energy because employees at all levels are motivated to achieve, contribute, and learn more as the company grows
  • More productivity for lower costs and greater efficiencies
  • Service excellence that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty, which drives sustainable growth and profitability

Are You Ready to Start Your Organization’s Journey to Entanglement?

Dr. Ray Benedetto, co-author of It’s My Company Too!, is co-founder of GuideStar, Inc – a leadership development practice that helps leaders create entangled organizations. GuideStar’s programs are structured around the principles that underpin the success of the organizations in the book.

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